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Our Values

We are Jewish

We are a vibrant and inclusive Jewish community, imbued with Jewish history and inspired by the Jewish ethical tradition. We celebrate diversity and welcome Jews of all observances, denominations and backgrounds, including Jews of colour, Jews by choice and Jews from secular or interfaith families.


We stand against the occupation


Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza is a system of violence and discrimination that violates Palestinians’ freedom, dignity and human rights. Our community needs to mobilise in the struggle for equality and justice for all Palestinians and Israelis, and we exist for the sole purpose of making that a reality.


We are united


We acknowledge and respect our differences, but we focus on what unites us: our conviction that the occupation is a moral crisis and our determination to end British Jewish support for it. Na’amod does not take a common position on Zionism, BDS or borders. Everyone who agrees with our values will find a place in our community.


We are committed to collective liberation


We are part of a broader struggle against racism, patriarchy, classism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia. We stand against antisemitism and Islamophobia with the same determination that we oppose the occupation, because we recognise that all oppression is linked and none of us can be free until we’re all free.


We hold each other up


We are a safe, trusting and non-judgemental community, with no hierarchy of politics or knowledge. We create space for love, sorrow, friendship, learning, teaching, healing and joy. We step up when others need us, and ask for help when we’re in need.


We are honest


We speak truth to power and enact our values publicly in order to bring about the change our community needs. We own up when we get things wrong, and practice teshuva (repentance) to make amends and learn for the future.


We are courageous


We stand in the noble and effective tradition of nonviolent direct action, knowing that creative and risk-taking protest is the necessary response to this moral crisis for our community. We proudly associate ourselves with our movement and don’t hesitate to act whenever the need arises; any three Na’amodniks can use their initiative to take action that moves us forward in our strategy


We are grassroots


We are a movement led by volunteers. We are transparent about funding and do not accept money from anyone seeking to influence us. Our members may be deeply engaged in other Jewish and non-Jewish organisations, but our movement is entirely independent.


We are not alone


We are part of a global uprising against the occupation, and stand hand-in-hand with individuals, organisations and movements across the diaspora and in Israel-Palestine working towards freedom, equality and justice for all. Together, we will be unstoppable.