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Who we are

We are a growing movement of British Jews working to mobilise our community in support of freedom, equality and justice for all Palestinians and Israelis, and to bring an end to our community’s support for the occupation. 

Na’amod was launched in September 2019 by a diverse group of around 20 British Jews who had spent twelve months working to develop and refine our mission, strategy and values. Our first campaign was “The Elephant in the Room”, highlighting the need for our community to start talking openly about the occupation. 

We have now grown to over 250 members and welcome all who share our mission to join us. 

I’m donating out of gratitude for the hope you give, the hope that people can care about justice and their fellow human beings so much.

Our members reflect the diversity and inclusivity of Britain’s vibrant Jewish community:

  • We welcome members of all observances, denominations and backgrounds.
  • We celebrate the diversity of our membership and are inclusive of Jewish people who face additional oppressions, including Jews of colour; LGBTQI+ Jews; disabled Jews; Jews by choice, Jews from interfaith families, women and non-binary Jews. 
  • We live across the United Kingdom and span all age groups.

Regardless of our backgrounds, we are all inspired by our longstanding Jewish tradition of championing the rights of oppressed people, everywhere. As the future of the British Jewish community, we are proud to defend this tradition through our movement for freedom, equality and justice for all.