Who are we

Na’amod is a movement of British Jews seeking to end our community’s support for the occupation, and to mobilise it in the struggle for freedom, equality and justice for all Palestinians and Israelis.

Our name, meaning ‘We will stand’ in Hebrew, references the word used to call Jews to read from the Torah in synagogue: ya’amod/ta’amod (he/she will stand). It reflects our steadfast commitment to stand alongside Palestinians in their struggle for human rights, and to the teachings which drive our activism.

We are a pluralistic movement, both politically and religiously, and do not take a common position on Zionism, BDS or borders. We are united by our opposition to an occupation which deprives Palestinians of their freedom, dignity and human rights, is contrary to Jewish values and, like every system of oppression, morally corrupts those who support and administer it.

From the Battle of Cable Street to the 35’s Women’s Campaign for Soviet Jewry, British Jews have a proud history of uniting behind a common cause and taking great risks to stand for the rights of the oppressed. We are inspired by this tradition and the principles that underpin it, as reflected in the Talmud (Shabbat 54b): ‘Whoever can protest against members of their household and does not, is accountable [for the sins] of their household; if they can protest against their townspeople, they are accountable for their sins; if they could protest to the whole world, they are accountable for the whole world.’

We aspire for our community to reaffirm the principle of b’tselem elohim (that we are all created in God’s image). We are motivated by the call to not stand idly by the blood of our neighbour. The dehumanisation of Palestinians and the justification of their oppression by people who claim to represent British Jewry is an affront to everything we were raised to believe through our Jewish education.

We are the future of the British Jewish community and we cannot stay silent as Israel dispossesses Palestinians of their land, strips them of their dignity, freedom and rights, and violently suppresses all efforts to challenge an unjust status quo. We will not continue to support an abhorrent structure that punishes, humiliates and restricts the lives of Palestinians and harms so many Israelis in the process. We know that nobody can truly be free until all people are free.

Na’amod welcomes all those who share our mission to stand on the right side of history and build an inclusive, powerful and liberated movement within the British Jewish community.

We will win. The occupation will end. Join us.