Our Election Demands

Our demands for the next government

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has called a General Election for July 4th. During their time in government, the Conservative Party has attacked our rights to protest, pitted marginalised communities against each other, fostered open anti-Palestinian racism, and aided and abetted Israel’s crimes against humanity in Gaza.

As a movement of Jews in the UK, we have spent the last six years demanding political change from our communities and our government. Since October 7th, we have been clear in our demands that we need not only a permanent ceasefire and hostage deal but also an end to the UK’s political and material support for the Israeli government that allows it to continue oppressing Palestinians with impunity.

We need a different vision from our political and communal leaders. That’s why, in the run-up to this election, we call on parliamentary candidates from all parties and none to:

  • Advocate for an immediate, permanent ceasefire & hostage deal

  • End arms licenCes to Israel

  • Uphold the judgements of the ICC and ICJ

  • Protect our right to protest

  • Commit to an expansive and collaborative effort to combating antisemitism

  • Restore funding to UNRWA

  • End the UK’s complicity in Israel’s occupation and apartheid

We will use these demands as a benchmark to hold politicians and the future UK government to account regarding their complicity in Israel’s atrocities in Gaza.

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