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Boycott Bill campaign

The Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill has been introduced in Parliament by Minister Michael Gove. The bill will ban public bodies from taking part in boycotts or divesting from foreign states that are committing,  or are complicit in committing, human rights abuses when such actions would diverge from current British foreign policy. 

This is part of a wider set of laws put forward by the Government to curb civil liberties and rights to protest, including the Public Order Act, the Nationalities and Borders Act and the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Act. 

The Bill: 

Na’amod wants to end British Jews’ support for the Occupation – and this Bill protects Israel’s Occupation of Palestinian Territories, thus exempting it from UK accountability. Even though this Occupation is illegal under international law, the Bill in effect treats the OPT as part of Israel.

This bill instrumentalises our fears of antisemitism to undermine civil liberties and Palestinian human rights. We know that Jewish safety and Palestinian freedom are intertwined, not in opposition. Rather than fostering good relations, the Bill pits Jewish safety against civil and human rights struggles, jeopardising Jewish safety instead of safeguarding it.


Banner drop off Westminster Bridge 

When the bill was due to be tabled in parliament, a group of Na’amodniks gathered at Westminster to drop a huge  banner off Westminster bridge and unfurl it outside the houses of parliament. 

“Bad for Jews, bad for Palestinians, bad for democracy. British Jews say STOP THE BOYCOTT BILL.”

Conservative Party Conference protest 

A group of Na’amodniks went to the 2022 Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham to spread our message of discontent at the forthcoming bill and to say – NOT IN OUR NAME.

Boycott Bill webinar

We hosted a webinar with a fantastic group of guest speakers to discuss the bill, its ramifications, and what we can do about it. 

MP letter writing campaign

Na’amodniks gathered to send letters to their MPs to show opposition to the bill and how it has been positioned in the name of protecting Jewish safety.

We’re able to resist the Boycott Bill due to the backing of donors, who help us sustain our organising efforts and build towards the future we want to see. 

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