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Anti-Palestinian racism campaign

In recent years many of our leaders and organisations in the British Jewish Community have committed to anti-racism via public statements, commissioning reports and much more. 

Sadly, despite this, anti-Palestinian racism is often seen and left unchallenged within our community. This form of racism, with its associated mistruths and stereotypes, clouds our community’s conversation on the occupation and prevents us from uniting in a truly anti-occupation and anti-racist stance.

Our campaign shares the experiences of British Jews who have witnessed anti-Palestinian racism taking place within our community. We have a communal responsibility to challenge this racism – a key step in mobilising our community against the injustices of the occupation.

Many of the testimonies describe trips to Israel and the Occupied Territories. It is important that we acknowledge our privilege in being able to travel freely to Israel and the Occupied Territories when many Palestinians cannot, despite historical, cultural or familial connections to the land. The anti-Palestinian racism described in the stories plays an important role in upholding support for discriminatory laws and practices, including restrictions on Palestinians’ freedom of movement. Only by challenging anti-Palestinian racism in our community can we fight the racism of the occupation.


We understand that many of the testimonies are not easy to read. But we hope that as well as pain and discomfort, the stories will provide incentive for us to come together as a community and stand against this hatred.

Anti-Palestinian racism testimonies project

Descriptive text: Artwork reads, in clockwise direction, ‘Challenge Anti Palestinian Racism’.

We believe many others in our community want to see a united anti-racist and anti-occupation stance. Here’s how to get involved:

Submit a testimony

Use this form to share your experience however you’d like – in writing, recording a video, or in conversation with us – with the option of remaining anonymous.  

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We want these testimonies to be shared, to start a conversation on becoming a truly anti-racist and anti-occupation community.  And we want to hear from you. Find out more here.