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Na’amod’s goal is to end our community’s support for occupation. We work towards this goal through running campaigns which  engage our fellow British Jews with our message, so that our community can stand up for Palestinian human rights and freedom, justice and equality for all Palestinians and Israelis.

What is our strategy?

When developing our campaigns, we are guided by Jewish values of compassion, love, and respect. In this way, we uphold these values within our community and  seek to demonstrate to our fellow British Jews that supporting the occupation goes against these values.

Na’amod’s campaigns strive to make noise within the community through peaceful direct action including protests, disruptions and visual demonstrations

Each of our campaigns focuses on an issue which we believe plays a role in upholding British Jewish support for the occupation. Our first campaign “The Elephant in the Room” highlighted how the occupation is routinely ignored in communal discourse. Our current campaign exposes the role of anti-Palestinian racism in facilitating support for the occupation.

Who are we talking to?

As well as reaching British Jews from across the country, through our public-facing campaigns, we also turn inwards to mobilise our fellow Na’amod members. Our projects demand internal engagement with our Na’amodniks to galvanise our membership and make our mark in the broader Jewish community. 

I’m donating out of gratitude for the hope you give, the hope that people can care about justice and their fellow human beings so much.

our recent impact

Anti-Palestinian Webinar Event

Although anti-Palestinian racism has long been evident in the British Jewish community, it is a term that only recently started to circulate.  In order to recognise and eliminate this form of racism from our community, we need to understand what it is and how it manifests. As part of our campaign, ‘Racism Isn’t Kosher’, we organised an anti-Palestinian racism webinar to educate ourselves and our audience. We hosted a panel of expert speakers on the topic, including Sana Khaneh, a Palestinian educator, Joseph Finlay, an academic from Southampton University, Rabbi Leah Jordan of Kehillah North London Synagogue, and Amjad Iraqi, editor at +972 Magazine.

Protesting Tzipi Hotovely

Na’amodniks protested against the British Jewish institutions who hosted the racist Israel ambassador, Tzipi Hotovely. Through peaceful demonstrations and promotional stickering, we exposed Hotovely for her racism and drew the community’s attention to her record and therefore the need to stand against her.

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In order to make our voices heard and call on those whose action would best challenge the threat of annexation, we projected our demands on the offices of the JNF, the Board of Deputies, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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Upcoming campaigns

Testimonies project 

This is an upcoming project to collect testimonies from British Jews who have witnessed anti-Palestinian racism within our community. By sharing our collection of testimonies, we strive to expose this form of racism and wake up our community to the need for us to collectively stand against it.