Across the UK Na’amod has been gathering to fill the moral void left by our communal leadership, stating unequivocally that all in Israel-Palestine deserve

Freedom from Violence, Freedom from Occupation

In early May, weeks of violent mistreatment of the residents of Sheikh Jarrah, including state-sanctioned dispossession, brutalising of Palestinian protestors and the assault on worshippers at Al-Aqsa mosque culminated in violence breaking out across Israel-Palestine. 

Horrified by the violence, Na’amod redoubled our organising within the British Jewish Community to make clear that British Jews stand in solidarity with Palestinians. Faced with silence and Occupation denial from our communal leadership, Naamod stepped into the void in moral leadership to call for a Jewish community which, when faced with the choice between violence, dispossession and occupation on the one hand, and freedom and dignity for all on the other, will always choose to stand for the latter.

On Tuesday 11th May, Na’amod brought together over 150 Jews gathered in five locations across London (including outside the Board of Deputies), as well as Leeds, Manchester, Leicester, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Oxford and Liverpool. We stood demanding our community commit itself to calling for “Freedom from Violence, Freedom from Occupation” and mourning all lives lost in this round of violence.

On Saturday 16th May, we were joined online by 200 British Jews to reflect, hear updates from the ground and mobilise for further actions.

This culminated in our action on Wednesday 19th May,  where we were joined by an unprecedented 300 Jews across the country (including over 200 at our London rally), all calling for “Freedom from Occupation, Freedom from Violence” and demanding freedom and equality for Palestinians. 

Over a few short weeks, we have mobilised an unprecedented force in our community demanding an end to Occupation and freedom for Palestinians. As the ceasefire holds, we know that there is no possible ‘return to peace’ when the violence of the occupation continues. We are clear that the violence only ends when the daily injustices, dispossession and brutality faced by Palestinians cease.

We are determined to build on the momentum of the past few weeks and keep fighting for freedom and equality for all Palestinians. If you’ve been energised by our organising get involved and help us build a British Jewish community on foundations of justice, freedom, dignity, and equality for all.

We will end our community's support for the occupation

Our Current Campaign: Racism Isn't Kosher

We need to root out racism from our community. Let’s start by not hosting Israeli Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely.

Hotovely is a racist. Her appalling record throughout her political career includes:

  • Calling the Nakba an “Arab lie”
  • Inviting the far-right Jewish supremacist organisation Lehava to speak in the Knesset (the Israeli parliament)
  • Publicly opposing relationships between Jews and Arabs
  • Referring to Israeli human rights activists as “war criminals” and comparing them to a fifth column
  • Accusing Palestinians of being “thieves of history” who have no heritage or connection to Israel-Palestine
  • Calling for the Israeli flag to fly over the Temple Mount – a violation of the status quo in a holy site for both Muslims and Jews
  • Stating that the occupation is “a myth” and, as Settlements Minister, directly upholding Israel’s illegal presence in the West Bank
  • Leading the campaign for annexation and claiming that biblical texts entitle Israel to the entirety of the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea

Despite this, British Jewish institutions continue to welcome Hotovely. The Alliance of Jewish Women, Liberal Judaism, and now Masorti Judaism have all hosted her. Doing so normalises her virulent racism against Palestinians and shields her from critiques of her views.

We need our leadership to commit to justice in our community.


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We welcome all those who share our mission to stand with us on the right side of history in building an inclusive and powerful movement within the British Jewish community.

We will win. The occupation will end. Join Us.

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